was great and I encourage everyone to participate in such courses greet Dorothy ;)
departure for me at all possible levels of cognition. Many, many thanks. Marianna
thanks for the course, he was really wspaniały.Pozdrawiam.Andrzej
thank you very much for great days on the course, the science of massage and a good atmosphere, You are great! Warmly greet Paulina
was suuuuuuuper :) thanks for the excellent training :) PS everything hurts me today: P Marta
excellent training, professionally and fairly, and with what sense of humor: D I greet you cordially for the rapid zobaczyska! Iza
Thank you for your time together, all unusual "touches" and the wise words, travel and przefajne company :))) Best regards. Stalemate
immeasurably, unspeakably and infinitely thank you for the wonderful and unforgettable atmosphere during your stay. Of course, it is difficult to ignore the value of transferred knowledge and skills - zaraziliście me with his passion for Ayurveda, so expect more information on training. The Gute Kaffee invite to Darlowo. I hope that soon again spotkamy.Pozdrawiam hot Agnieszka
it was so cool. I am glad that this course I was with you ;) I've been on various courses and training, but really you lead them on a very high level! Keep up!! Yours Agata from Kluczbork
Thank you for a little magic, a wonderful time, and specific learning ;) unique atmosphere, so surely meet again :) Warm greetings! Asia from Warsaw
I heartily recommend, unforgettable moments worth remembering Monika people ;-)
Great atmosphere, the knowledge with which not one person has already reached sukces.Panowie instructors with their knowledge and skills to continue to inspire and develop the training. What can compliment many just great instructors, the atmosphere and conditions for training!!
Yours!! Cuba

It was an incredible opportunity for me to acquire knowledge. Experience is certainly a positive impact on my further development. Great atmosphere, great people. I recommend! Yours! Iza
Thank you for the pleasant atmosphere which introduces, for the humor, the knowledge you provide. The training was great and I highly recommend to all lovers of massage and more! Best regards ;))! Basia
can Podkarpacie will visit again :) :) J Brothers greet was great, would more such trips. Basia
Lomi lomi heartily recommend one, as the massage and training ;-)
I greet all the participants! Monika from Bydgoszcz
Super professional atmosphere just extra recommend to all. Dariusz
Several courses in the career passed but it can not be counted. There must be a body and soul (and body as one day, like after a week in the SPA) Boys are learning so that it absorbs all knowledge is sense.
Certainly, I will return to Champions to deepen the secrets of oriental methods of aiding and tuning.
Yours of Elk. Dorothy
Fantastic atmosphere, great approach leaders, learned a great deal, which is not always can happen, the training day. Here you provide to us the knowledge and skills sufficient for at least a two-day training. : DI would not be a lost time in this company :)
Thus he writes to the next!! Anne of Nyssa
The only downside to this wonderful course is just that it ends so fast ... beautiful place, nice atmosphere, great people, professionalism and vast knowledge of the instructors, and massage just Sensational! Recommend to all! Jola
Fantastic course nice atmosphere, professional instructors, classes at ease and range extensive knowledge warmly recommend!! And to this great training facility! Adam
Lovely atmosphere, beautiful surroundings and a training center instructors best of the best! Best course :) Paulina Unisławia
The only downside to this wonderful course is just that it ends so fast ... beautiful place, nice atmosphere, great people, professionalism and vast knowledge of the instructors, and massage just Sensational! Recommend to all! Jola
I'm happy that I decided to for this course, profesjonalnsc in every way, nice atmosphere, great people, just have to go there and find, cool thing, POZDROWIONKA! .. Ela
Excellent massage courses! Cool :) I recommend teaching staff! See you on the next course :) Maria
LOMI LOMI The course was great! Magnificently instructors: o) and a friendly atmosphere. Only you can get sore when learning massage: o) Thank you and I are preparing to welcome the crew of Thai "Ossa" Basia from Rawa Mazowiecka
Great people in the family KARUNA, warm, open, family, professionals in what they are doing a great sense of humor with a big heart, dedication and consistency to quickly and effectively pass on the knowledge they possess.
Training takes place at a high level, in a nice atmosphere, well-prepared training center, situated in a beautiful place.
By choosing the course you will learn a lot, go back to balance the body and spirit and absorb peace and tranquility which bring good teachers and surroundings.
I recommend Massage Karuna Academy, which trains professional masseurs cheap, fast and mean as skutecznie.To expect dziesiejszym the people in the world. Anita
What can I say ... I was kind of COURSE A I felt like in a house
Nice atmosphere, Profi-OPERATION, WEIGHT variety of questions (by students) has been the LEADING ALWAYS have an answer :-) Regards Tom.
The course :) Just a hot stone massage at the Academy of Karuna :) Przesympatyczna, nice atmosphere, and as early as profrsjonalnie transferred knowledge is not to mention, nothing more and nothing ując.Moge so write very long, the same super latywy.Jeden minus: (quickly ended But still ... surely will come :) Camilla
Fond memories ;) If you want to learn professional massage, spend time in a relaxed atmosphere, meet interesting people, in a beautiful place to calm down and relax from everyday life to come to the course to Karuny. I recommend lomi lomi, bamboo, stone, Shirodhara, Abhyanga, udvartana. Regards hot ;))
Rate of hot stones, a professional approach to training (although it was so funny that we could not concentrate) doradzctwo professional, full training materials. I recommend. Agata from Saw
As they say - a heap of knowledge, but also a great new friends! And by the way had long enough to not laugh ;-)) and the Super zobaczyska ;-)) Margaret
Sensational course, run reliably with a lot of praktyki.Fantastyczni people, great atmosphere. Lots of training materials and marketing advice.
I greet warmly. See you :-) Sylvia
Great atmosphere, przesympatyczni people heap of laughter, fun and fruitful work, a beautiful place, just want to go back :-) Ksenia
I think .. I can not write, but rather knowledge training, Learning and intercourse with the Far East the art of medicine that inspires. Thanks to you I could learn about Ayurvedic massages. Abhyanga, Udvartana, Shirodhara, a feast for the body but also for the spirit: D thanks to the passion and commitment from you know she came into the head. I wish you all a good and a lot of patience in working with groups such as ours unruly;> Yours! Anne K.
I highly recommend massage Lomi Lomi, Udvartana, Thai foot massage and Kaash! Great leads, great climate, increased knowledge of the art of medicine, the Far East, the armpits fun, oh what was happening .... :) kisses for dear team of 19 July and you're great!! martucha Yours.
I want to describe his impressions
What I experienced in Rytlu
This unusual academy
many instructors taught me here without a break
learn to take care of the human body
that over the years in good health took a great atmosphere.
Evenings barbecue joint,
which Stefcia spin. When you leave this place,
though with a tear in his eye - but joyful
I know that you will return here again. :))) Ewelina Drozdz
Highly recommended
LEADING FANTASTIC. Nice atmosphere. WIEDZY.OSTRY lot TRAINING / 2 kg less ha ha /. Probably had Back.
Margaret bye Friday
Go ahead and recommend .... I'll add that massage lomi, Abhyanga, and of udvartana too - they are grazing. Very cool will it working / with these massages - for sure. The hosts, ie orient Brothers B-wholesale-are awfully nice. They can create a very nice atmosphere, without taking the reliability handed practices and knowledge. I went mainly to lomi - and gave a positive surprise - Ayurveda! ... Zawiewa increasingly east-who would have thought. Once again, I strongly recommend this who reflect and greet the girls and Rytelską take. It is a pity that we were not on the river and the lake?
Selavi.Orient-expres and forward. Good atmosphere, peace, leading to the disposal of the resistance, lend practical knowledge oriented .... Highly recommended. Today, the masseur m.lecznicze - it's far too little. I greet the boys-only course that .... hahha. Keep the girls warm. Bon Voyage and let the Buddha be with you, haha
"Cold" diplomat "Matthew" of a certain village of Gdynia. And next year ... tropical ... Luke Matuszewski
"If our hands have the respect and the ability to listen, it becomes an art touch contact" / Christian Hieronimus / Dear, those were some of the nicest 4 days! I cordially greet the "best group" of 23 August ;)! And Brothers J. ;) Thanks for a wonderful warm atmosphere and professionalism of the simultaneous transfer of knowledge and skills! To all those who wonder about the course, I highly recommend "Karuna"! I think you have to go back :) Agata Chodzińska
Hot polecam.Miejsce filled with magic. Instructors communicate his vast knowledge in an accessible, yet fachowy.Wyjeżdżając of Rytel takes a load of knowledge, skills and positive energy, while leaving a piece of myself :) Yours "best" of 23 August ;) J. Brothers and, of course! and good luck in teaching others. Iza
Great memories ... full profesjonalnizm, and above all warm and friendly atmosphere ;) I'm glad I had the opportunity to go there and I hope that you still will be hosted at D
I greet and maybe see you ;) Daniel.
I was thinking ... going ... if I made the right choice ... Now I know that massage lomi lomi massage jet ... my experience full of mystery and magic ... full professionalism. Thank you for providing me the knowledge and see you smile ... ;) Natalia
Sensational LOMI LOMI massage course, run reliably, friendly and nice atmosphere. Highly recommended!
I do not know what else to add .. Kmentarze speak for themselves, and I agree with them. It was really a shot in the 10 I am delighted with your knowledge and passion infects others (me, moreover, too) are sure to come back to see you and greet Lidka
This is for you if you like me before you read these comments and opinions to make sure we go there .... It was the best course for what was to defeat byłam.Warto 3000 km, so this experience and to learn. Greetings to Karuny. YOU ARE THE BEST! See you at the next training. Ania
Do not think just Enrol for a course! Is carried out professionally in a relaxed, joyful and fun atmosphere. Abhyanga and Lomi Lomi simply poetry :) Lots of hours of practice - from morning to night, no one knows when he passed day after day.
It was veeeeery relaxing four days off from life :) Iza Białkowska
Simply divine ... boskiiiiiiii kurssssss greet Greek woman from Szczecin :) :) Liliana Smith
It was great. A lot of practical knowledge acquired in a very relaxed atmosphere. A specific and professional course. Great teachers willing to share his passion. I greet warmly :) For sure I'll be back Bogus Wachowska
I can not wait for the next course :) These professional teachers with a candle just to look! The atmosphere during the exercises fantastic and Lecturers can in an incredibly lightweight and affordable way to convey their knowledge. I learned a lot here! If there is anyone who is wavering, let him immediately abandons the concerns and set the GPS direction Rytel Academy of Massage Karuna! :)
Regards and best group of teachers 12-15.10.2010 heh! Veronica Dawiec
Once again, I am student at the karunie, once again I've had a friendly and family atmosphere, teachers and friends strive for perfection and provide the most perfect their knowledge, the integration will not mention ... Highly recommended Tom
Professionalism, in every respect, patience and a little something .....
wonderful massage - bliss achieved ...
Greetings to all .... Marlena
I sat on the porch
surrounded by flowers
flowed from the side should
,, As happens in the summer
Slip marked
in braids
Brotherhood gives shelter
Green flashes
The sun has gone home
The world is arranged to sleep
a hot air
wind gust ochładzał
Nearby stood Babe
quiet unmoved ...
ended in everyday
activities ... and the cries
Before you stick the house stands
hen on the field of birch
large, spreading
strange that the outside
Indeed, if the
willow as she goes
its branches have adopted
irregular habits of trees
I awoke from reverie
flapping of wings of small
bird flew onto the porch
some so shy
Flashed at me eye
and then a second time
I said - good morning
s run, because the enemy is there a cat
He jumped on the legs
tail is upheld
My warning
stand alone
I flew in grapes
where to put it in a letter
how closely all the time
all watched
I marked the moment
story begins
bird changed into a prince
ball begins
Invited guests soon
began to dance
ah, that you saw
imps wywijańce
There were mermaids
Elves, fairies, flowers
I did not know that the fairy tale
the world is so rich
On the morning bird singing
trills her morning
from a nearby tree
on someone else's wedding
Wake up feeling
a slight headache
I looked out the window
the world of color
It was a dream or reality?
It happened in Rytlu
The Academy of Massage
It rained on the porch like ;-) Angela Zachaczewska - driving learner :)


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